.506 at the All-Star Break

Okay, we’re halfway through the season, and the Giants are playing .500 ball. I am afraid we are a .500 team. Sadly, it will probably be enough to win the West. The problem with that is twofold. First, the winner of the West won’t go very far in the postseason. Second, it will keep the Giants from trading for some amazing prospects. We should probably trade Schmidt and get two bonfide AAA-about-to-play minor leaguers (i.e., Liriano or some such, x2 – let’s not even get started on the deal that lost us Liriano…). We should probably trade Pedro Feliz and get something for him. It is unlikely that the Giants will pay his free-agent asking price after this season. As a fan, I would be excited to see a new, you gotta like these kids, team. McGowan probably thinks he won’t fill the stadium with a young, no marquee player, team. I think he’s wrong, but it’s not my problem to pay off the stadium, so I can think a bit riskier than he.



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! It’s great to see a Giants MLBlog here…maybe you will start a trend. Hit up the community blog anytime with questions/comments about how MLBlogs works, traffic tips, etc. Have fun blogging!



  2. Eric

    As a fellow Giants blogger (making my return today) I’d like to welcome you. We have a need for people to hear the San Francisco point of view.
    I totally agree with you about needing more youth. The future of the organization is in jeopardy with all the aging players the Giants have. As much as I appreciate what he’s done for the organization since ’93, I’m ready to see Barry, among others, cut loose.

    Check out ezeisberg.mlblogs.com for my blog (which I am updating as I write this) for my take on the first half of the Giants season.

    Best of luck with your blog and I hope you have fun.


  3. papacitoo_rico2002@yahoo.com

    As a Giants fan i would like to see the giants get far. Is Mattheny comming back soon???by the way, the lineup should get a lil more stable. i believe that if we get our guys to play for baseball.. for the love of the shirt… not the color of $$.. i think our team will improve!!! but i hope giants get in the second half on top of the division…the dodgers(bums) got a good team.. but are they showing it off???? NO! the giants have a great line up is all about getting them to play in the everyday basis!

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