Free Agents Galore

Are the Giants going to be buyers or sellers this year? They’ve got a lot to deal, because they’ve got a number of good players who will be free agents at the end of the year. The list includes, All-Star pitcher Jason Schmidt, right fielder Moises Alou, outfielder Steve Finley, second baseman Ray Durham, third baseman Pedro Feliz, lefty reliever Steve Kline,
right-handed starter Jamey Wright and infielder Jose Vizcaino.

I would like to see them deal a few to get some great players for next year. What I don’t want to see is dealing good players (probably young ones) for a rental player who doesn’t get us to the postseason, and then he’s gone after September (e.g., Pierzynski, Ponson, Hawkins).



  1. Eric

    I don’t think we’ll be able to deal Alou or Durham, as they’ve been pretty banged up over the last few years. I’d like to see Kline stay, since the bullpen needs a veteran anchor, but would love to see Benitez, Feliz, Schmidt, Wright and/or Vizcaino traded for some younger players.


    I really hope the Giants wont consider trading Feliz, He has been our Iron man this season and in previous seasons he has been the most versatile player on the team, He is too valuable to let go. Benitez and Vizcaino, are better candidates to be traded even if there trade value isnt as much.

    On another note, the Giants should take a look at the mistake they made sending JT Snow packing and keeping Neikro, they should beg JT to come back.


    I agree they should get jt back. Why don’t they just sell that bum Benitez he can’t save a game for us and he is injured the rest of the time. I miss Joe Nathan

  4. daniel

    …i was very disappointed that we let jt snow go also…and i don think anyone would want benitez…he is not a team player at all..and has openly dissed the giants…most recently steve finley

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