God Bless Turnbow’s Glove

Wow! I’m basking in Tony Bennett’s, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," as the Giants pulled out an improbable one against the Brewers. The Giants were down by 1 in the bottom of the 9th. Bonds led off the inning (he was pinch hitting for Linden), and he poked a single. Vizcaino runs for him. Finley hits a ball up the middle that was hit hard because it hit off of the two infielders’ gloves and when the dust cleared, Vizcaino was on 3rd and Finley was standing on 2nd base. Turnbow intentionally walked Alou and that brought up Durham with the bases loaded. A few outside pitches, and then Durham hit a would-be double-play ball (according to Jon Miller who made the excellent call), but Turnbow, probably instinctually, stuck out his glove. The ball hit off the glove and away from Weeks who was preparing to make the game-ending play. And so with a little luck the Giants have put two in a row in the win column!


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