Another controversial figure in SF in the form of Shea Hillenbrand

Shea Hillenbrand should feel right at home in SF. This team knows how to deal with controversial players. Although I surely hope Shea left his problems in Canada, because we can handle only so much. He had a decent first series with the Giants. He made a couple of nice plays in the field even though his defense is not the reason we picked him up. His bat was fairly quiet, but I suppose we’ll have to wait a bit for him to feel comfortable in the NL, but we haven’t got long.  Actually, it probably doesn’t matter. We’ll be in the mess of the NL West for the remainder of the season. It will go down to the last week, I’m sure. In the end, will we be sorry we dealt Accardo? Sure, he hadn’t been exactly lights out, but he’s young, and he’s got a great arm. If he goes the way of Joe Nathan after leaving us it will be tough to take.




    I am going to miss Accardo. When we currently have a closer like Benitez who blows saves half the time and is injured the rest. We need to get some younger prospects and give them time. Look at Liriano or Nathan or even Foulke had some nice years. Bill Mueller won a batting title in Boston.

  2. daniel

    personally i am very happy about the trade for shea…i just heard his interview on knbr and it looks like he is gonna fit right in..once he starts hitting the fans of sf will realize what a great pickup he is

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