A Day of Rest

I just didn’t have the heart to write during the 9-game losing streak. Boy, these guys can break your heart sometimes, can’t they? But finally, although not easily, they won one on Wednesday (8/2/06). And it being the NL West, we’re only 3.5 games out! Not too surprising, I suppose. Maybe we should just hang out in last place until the very end, and have one of those winning streaks that we’ve yet to have, and surge through ’em all. One thing that needs to happen is Pedro needs to get off this slump he’s in. He can’t hit the ball. I wonder how easy it is for a batter to change his approach. For example, Pedro is essentially a .270 hitter with power. Could he change his approach and try to poke a few through the infield, get some hits, and then ease back into the power game? It’s got to be demoralizing to continue to pop up every time he’s at bat.


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