Gotta Agree with Kruk on this one

The Giants lost their first game to Colorado after winning one to end their 9-game losing streak. They had a glimmer of hope in the 9th, but drama interrupted, Bonds got tossed, garbage got tossed, and ultimately the Giants lost the game. Yes, the ball was low and a bit outside, but Barry can’t get thrown out of that game. Krukow said it on the postgame wrap and I have to agree. That’s not to say that the umpire wasn’t out of line. He shouldn’t have taken his mask off and reignited the battle. And yet, Barry is the one to blame because his actions let down his teammates, and the fans. I wanted to see Barry on first, with Vizquel already on third, and Alou coming up. But alas, it wasn’t to be. The only silver lining from this debacle will be if a sleeping giant has been woken. Can the Giants get pumped enough to start getting it done???


One comment


    It is rare to see Barry argue a call like that, let alone get thrown out of the game. While he was wrong and the ump had to right to do what he did, it appeared while watching the game that the ump baited Barry. Taking off the mask and continuing the argument was wrong on the part of the ump.

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